Publication of Short Video Management Standards on the

China Network Audio-visual Program Service Association officially promulgated “Management Specification for Network Short Video Platform” on January 9, which st

ipulates that all short videos broadcasted on the platform should be audited before they can be broadcasted, including the title, introduction, screen and commentary of the program.

Title, introduction, barrage and commentary should be audited

“Standard” requires that the network short video platform should actively introduce mainstre

am news media and organizations such as party, government and military organs to open accounts to improve the supply of positive and high-quality short video c

ontent; all short video broadcasted on the platform should be subject to content

audits before broadcasting, including the title, introduction, bullet screen, comments and other content; according to the business scale, synchronously

establish high political quality. A team of auditors with strong business ability. In principle, the number of audi

tors should be more than one thousandth of the number of new short videos broadcast on this platform every day.

Establishment of “List Bank for Uploading Accounts Illegally and Violately”

According to the Code, the short video network platform should establish a “list database of illegal and illegal upload accounts”. Upload

more than three UGC accounts containing illegal content programs and UGC accounts uploading major illegal content programs within a week. The platform

should incorporate its identity information, avatar, account name and other information into the “list database of illegal and illegal upload accounts”. Each network short video platform implements information sharing mechanism

for “illegal and illegal upload account list database”. For those who are listed in the “list of illegal and illegal upload

accounts”, the short video platform of each network shall not open an upload account for them within a specified

period of time. According to the seriousness of the act of uploading illegal programs, the prohibition period of the persons listed in the

“list of illegal upload accounts” is one year, three years and permanent respectively.

Audiovisual works and fragments may not be deleted without authorization

As for content management, the Code requires that the network short video platform should fulf

il its copyright protection responsibility, and should not cut, adapt movies, TV

dramas, network movies, network dramas and other radio and television audio

-visual works and fragments without authorization; do not forward the current political and social news short video programs uploaded by UGC; and do not forwa

rd news festivals that have not yet been verified. Short video programs of current politics and social news uploaded by the first-issue qualified PGC organizations

shall not be transmitted to other countries that have not yet approved the broadcasting of movies, TV dramas, ne

twork movies and TV dramas, and to those of radio and television programs and network programs that have been banned by the state.

Ensure the implementation of the real-name account management system

Specifications for technical management include that the network short video platform should ad

opt new technical means, such as user portraits, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc., to ensure the implementation of the real-name account management system; the network short video platform should establish a minor pro

tection mechanism, use technical means to limit the online time of minors, establish a minor parent monitoring system, effectively prevent minors. Adults are addicted to short videos and other content.